Graphic Processes

gdes 2210

Design and production processes, preparation of design for printing, paper, copyright, electronic techniques, and related subjects.

Project: birmingham zoo poster

This project introduces students to the digital applications of InDesign and Photoshop. However, students were required to integrate hand created textures and letterforms into their designs. Students were encouraged to interpret their animal conceptually rather than being too literal.

Project: house of cards concept

Based on the Eames House of Cards concept, this project requires students to design and prototype and a set of 10 two-sided cards. One side of the cards carries the thematic direction the student chooses, while the other side describes a typographic element. The design must also have a textural element, and show identifiable influence from a noteworthy designer or art movement.


Auburn University
207 Wallace Hall, Auburn, AL 36849
David Smith
Assistant Professor of Graphic Design