Safer wheelchair street crossing


Helen Dowdell of Columbus, Georgia

Two minute video depicting Helen Dowdell's concept for safer street crossing for wheelchair dependent individuals

Storyboard for video.

Storyboards were used to develop the narrative of the video. Very rough sketches were an appropriate level of finish for our time and budget.

Wireframe view of vector Illustration

All animation was composed in Adobe After Effects using Adobe Illustrator illustrations. Pictured is a wireframe view of one of the illustrations.

Opening illustration from video.

Bird's eye view illustration of intersection used for the opening shot of the animation.

Helen Dowdell, Mayor Skip Henderson, and David Smith

Helen Dowdell of Columbus, Georgia has a passion for the safety of those who depend on a wheelchair for mobility. She has developed a concept for making traffic intersections safer for those who need to cross the street in a wheelchair. She wanted to share her idea to city administrators and stakeholders, but lacked the ability to create an effective presentation.

During the Summer of 2019 I connected, scripted, illustrated and animated a two minute video that demonstrates Mrs. Dowdell’s traffic crossing concept. I also joined her in the first presentation of the video with Columbus Mayor, Skip Henderson in hopes of starting a pilot installation of the concept in Columbus. Since then, Mrs. Dowdell has been sharing her vision of safer intersections for those in wheelchairs, presenting the video to numerous municipalities, college campuses and military bases.


Auburn University
207 Wallace Hall, Auburn, AL 36849
David Smith
Assistant Professor of Graphic Design